About us

A young creative agency based out of Chandigarh, we provide solutions to your most complex problems. What are the things we’re good at? Films, web design, graphic design, branding, advertising, photography, live stream video production, visual brand strategy and communication design, to name a few.
But we do more than that. We treat every piece of work as a new challenge, and break it down to produce something that is innovative, strategically sound and fun.

Yes, that’s right, working with Black Flash Studios means you are working with a team of film makers who have the skills, knowledge and expertise of film makers to transfer to your brand or business.

World class knowledge of production and post production combined with the latest kit.

We’ve got a lot of experience not just in terms of filming but in terms of video marketing campaigns too. Whilst we respect your brief we are not afraid of making bold suggestions if we think it will help you better achieve your aims. After all, it’s what you are paying us for.
We know our industry inside out and have world class knowledge of production and post production techniques. We bring this knowledge to the videos we produce for our clients.
As professional film and video makers we know the technology and kit we use along with our industry experience and knowledge means we produce films of the highest standard, but it’s not just about having excellent videos is it? It depends on what you want to achieve. Clients tell us they appreciate that we really get to know their business and what it is they need. This way we are more able to deliver a project that really does work.